Some kind words that I am grateful for;

"Wow, oh wow, what beautiful music. He has a winner!! Really enjoyed it." - Joyce in Dallas

"Most of the samples are very soothing, relaxing. Thanks for allowing us to listen and let our minds soar." - Sandy in MD

"I think my favorite is 'Highlands' with it's uplifting bent and then 'Yearning to Return' which has a slight Creedence Clearwater angle to it. He certainly has a GIFT!!!!!!!!" 

"I just sent an email. The songs that I listened to were beautiful and I would like to purchase 2 of the CDs." - Vickie in OR

 "Beautiful music!!! I just ordered one for me and DH for Christmas." - Kathy T in NJ

"Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment." - Marilyn in Utah

"Visited the site and am now a fan of Russell's music. He's a gifted guitarist. Years of study can make one proficient, but his playing goes beyond that. Am glad he's sharing his talent with us because his songs are brilliant. Got myself an early Christmas present. :)" - Davia

"He is very talented.... and he should be proud of himself!! Thank you for sharing with us and I wish lots of success....I will purchasing soon." - michele

"The music is absolutely lovely. I just closed my eyes and listened and let the music take me on a wonderful journey. Romance is my favorite song." - Karen

"It's so lovely, Russell! Kudos to you, a long process and so worth it, to make your talent and inspiration available to all of us." Vickie in KS

"Absolutely beautiful music!!!" - Kathleen in PA

"We have so enjoyed your music. I just want to tell you that. It is so beautiful to my daughter and I. Today we listened to it over and over for hours." - D.P. in IA

"This is some good stuff man. Very peaceful." - Chris in St. Louis, MO

"Hey Russell, just wanted to let you know that I listened to the song samples on your web page and enjoyed them quite a bit. I love instrumental guitar stuff like this, and it's pretty diverse from song to song in feel, while being coherent throughout. Nice. And it sounds mixed really well to boot. Based on quality, I'd say it's a success!" - Bryon in IA

"Russell, Russell, Russell...I like it was very nice and easy to listen to, loved the descriptions that you had to go along with each one as well. I am very impressed and will be purchasing one. Thanks again!" - Sheryl in IA

"Can't wait to get the CD. I wish that I lived close enough to take music lessons from you. You definitely have a gift."  - Connie in TX

"Really like the music, Russell. Very soothing but also invigorating." - Brian in IA

"Russell--these sound great! I will be buying these tracks :) Thank you for sharing." - Kris in CO

"Hey Russell just listened to your music wasn't for sure what to expect but I must say I enjoyed it very much I found it very relaxing and easy to listen to I must say two thumbs up buddy very nice" - Rick in IA

"I've just listened to the samples from your new CD, and I think they are wonderful. It is THE ideal music for me to listen to while I do my translation work - no words, just very good guitar play, and with a lot of variety as well." - Mirjam in the Netherlands 

"Well, Russell... I think the website & music is outstanding. I listened to the mp3s from the site while i did office work this morning. The music is WONDERFUL!! It actually takes me back to a happy time in my life when I used to take Fall-time walks through the Ledges and listen to my favorite Dan Fogelberg album on my Walkman, lol! It was a peaceful routine, and I loved it. And your website is easy to navigate, & looks GREAT. 
I really, honestly love what I heard on the site, so I plan on purchasing a copy! You should be very proud; it's inspiring music, it really is. Congratulations on a job well done!" - Amy in IA

"Thank you for inviting me to listen to your music. It is great! Very talented! My fvorite it Yearning to Return - can't wait to puchase. So glad you accomplished something you've been dreaming of." - Yvonne in IA

"It has arrived. I listened to it in the kitchen while making dinner but now have it in my room where I can listen with headphones, which is how I really enjoy music. Good songs, Russell. Well played. Each is taking me to a different and very special place. "Evening at the Lodge" is especially evocative for me because, at some point in his young life, my father worked at helping to remodel and refit Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park. He had learned the carpentry trade from his father in Montana's Gallatin Valley and became a Master Carpenter in later life. During that song, I sit in a quiet corner of the lodge and watch as a group of young men approach the edge of a small dance floor, tune their instruments, then begin to play. It's a wonderful song. One of the young men has been influenced by Wes Montgomery. But their tune is completely original and my heart sings with them. 
If this is a dream come true for you, it's one for me, too. When you sigh at the end of "Romance," I sigh, too, grateful that you've shared your talent with us.
Thank you for my early Christmas gift." - Davia
" I love your music, I play it often when working (translating books). Restful, joyful and upbeat (and thus uplifting) - you name it, you can find it all on your CD. Your music makes me happy." - MB

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